Candidate for District 17 House Seat A

Rep. John Gannon


Idaho Legislative service is an honor and I do my best to make reasonable decisions and
maintain a respectful relationship with legislators, even when constituents and I vigorously
disagree with them. Getting along without compromising principles is tough but I try. In 2016
the homeowners exemption inflation adjustment was removed, and I have continuously
advocated for property tax fairness, including a 5 year average of assessments for tax purposes.
The massive 15 billion Micron investment means our kids need well-funded schools and
qualified instructors. If we don’t prepare Idahoans for these high paying jobs, others will arrive
to take them. Reasonable approaches mean a reasonable respect for individual rights and liberties
and different viewpoints. I have served as an engineer and JAG in the army reserve, as an
irrigation district director who worked to allow Boise 400 homes to be free from a tax for water
they couldn’t use, and an active advocate for the Medicaid Initiative. Past service on the
Legislative Transportation, JFAC, Revenue and Tax, State Affairs, Judiciary, and most recently
the property tax interim committee all give me a background that really helps in making the best
decisions. I ask for your vote this November. Thank you for considering me.

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Gannon for Rep – 1104 Johnson Street, Boise, ID 83705