Idaho Democratic Party News and Articles

  • A Message from the Chair: Two years in, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law continues to deliver

    November 16, 2023

    We rely on infrastructure to power and connect our daily lives. This includes the roads we drive on, our water delivery systems, and broadband access that links us to information and commerce. Two years ago, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure. This landmark legislation is rebuilding long-neglected public structures and creating good jobs with family-sustaining wages along the way. In Idaho, $2.5 [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Idahoans Voted for a Brighter Future

    November 10, 2023

    As Senator Raphael Warnock says, “A vote is a prayer about the kind of world we want to live in.” Indeed, every election allows citizens to act on their hope for our shared future.  With far-right extremists getting louder, more numerous, and more brazen in Idaho and Congress, many are deeply worried about the future. Today’s Republican Party seeks to divide us based on our differences, put profits over people, [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Idaho Voters Must Reject Far-Right Extremism this Tuesday

    November 2, 2023

    Democracy is at its best when consensus candidates prevail. In this ideal world, officeholders have broad support from their constituents and work to strengthen the institutions under their purview. Library board commissioners seek to make library services better and more accessible. Municipal leaders are dedicated to building vibrant cities and delivering public safety and other services reliably. School board trustees believe in providing quality public schools in every child’s neighborhood [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Let’s make sure Idaho kids get to school safely

    October 26, 2023

    The best part of my day is when I walk my kids to school. We spend this quality time connecting, while the exercise helps us wake up and get focused for the day ahead. Along the way, we benefit from sidewalks, stoplights, and crosswalks that make our journey safer. It’s less stressful than navigating traffic in a car and my kids can do it alone if my husband and I [...]

  • IDP Statement on House Republicans’ New Speaker

    October 25, 2023

    Today, after the House GOP voted to elect Rep. Mike Johnson as speaker of the House, Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea released the following statement: “Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson have once again put their extreme MAGA agenda ahead of Idaho families. Their decision to support Mike Johnson as speaker of the House threatens Idahoans’ freedoms and economic stability. From banning abortion nationwide to leading efforts to overturn the [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: We Can’t Let Water Funding Go Down the Drain

    October 19, 2023

    Idaho's economic prosperity and the very health of our communities depend on the strength and sustainability of our water resources. Idahoans deserve to turn on the faucet with confidence, knowing they have access to safe and clean drinking water. Similarly, food producers and other businesses need reliable water to operate and deliver their products to market. Recent reporting by the Idaho Statesman underscores the mounting concerns surrounding our water infrastructure. [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Idahoans must speak up to protect Launch

    October 12, 2023

    A well-educated workforce is the engine that drives our economy. That’s why Democrats in the Idaho Legislature were proud to support Idaho Launch earlier this year. Now accepting applications, Launch is a monumental step forward for our state, covering 80% of the costs for Idaho graduates pursuing in-demand careers, up to $8,000. From training nurses and welders to equipping young people with the commercial driver's licenses they need to bring [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Quagga Mussel Emergency Shows Value of Preparedness

    October 5, 2023

    Idahoans need an effective public sector every day. This need becomes urgently apparent in emergencies. Regrettably, we now face a sudden, serious threat to our economy and natural resources: State testing recently revealed an invasive species in our Snake River, the quagga mussel. We need competent, swift action to avert a major disaster. From my earliest days in the Legislature, I heard about the extreme risks quagga mussels pose to [...]

  • A Message from the Chair: Looming GOP Shutdown will Hurt Idahoans

    September 29, 2023

    Good governance means compromise and working across the aisle for the common good. An essential governance responsibility in Congress is to pass the budgets that keep the nation operating and our economy churning. The financial stability of Idahoans is now at risk because House Republicans are refusing to make the compromises necessary to avoid a government shutdown. But you don’t have to take my word for it. As the crisis [...]