IDP on GOP committee chair ‘absolutely’ considering ban on emergency and long-acting contraceptives

Idaho Democratic Party Chairwoman Lauren Necochea released the following statement in response to a recording of Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa, admitting Republican lawmakers would ‘absolutely’ consider legislation to outlaw emergency and long-acting contraceptives:

“The admission that Idaho’s Republican lawmakers may outlaw safe and effective forms of birth control is our worst fear realized. It proves this was never about abortion. It is about enacting extremist views and stripping away Idahoans’ most basic freedoms. This declaration should serve as a wake-up call for every Idahoan, and American, that our right to privacy and the very control of our bodies and lives are in their crosshairs.

 As chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, Brent Crane wields an immense amount of power in determining which bills are considered. This session, Crane worked alongside the Idaho Family Policy Center to introduce some of the most extreme and cruel legislation in the history of our state including a bill making it a felony for parents to seek affirming care for their transgender children, an abortion ban that awards cash bounties for family members of rapists, and a bill holding librarians criminally accountable for children accessing so-called ‘obscene materials.’ The Center’s explicit agenda is to inject religion into government through ‘biblically’ based policies. 

 There is no longer a limit to what Idaho’s GOP politicians will enact. We cannot allow Idaho’s Republican supermajority to control the most intimate aspects of our lives and our health care decisions. Protection from this Orwellian future will only come from dismantling the Republican supermajority held in the Idaho Legislature.”


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