Following the filing period for the 2024 Primary Election, the Idaho Democratic Party is poised to contest a historic number of races, with Democratic candidates slated to compete in every legislative district across the state.

Last year, the party set an ambitious goal to have at least one Democratic candidate in every legislative district, ensuring voters across the state have a choice. The accomplishment comes as a result of the Idaho Democratic Party’s concerted efforts to engage with communities, organize recruitment events, and execute outreach programs to identify and encourage prospective candidates.

United States House:

  • Democrats are contesting both seats in the United States House of Representatives up for election.

Idaho House:

  • Democrats have 60 candidates running for Idaho House seats compared to 32 in 2022.

Idaho Senate:

  • Democrats have 28 candidates running for Idaho Senate seats compared to 13 in 2022.

Statement from Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea:

“We are proud to enter the 2024 election cycle with Democratic candidates on the ballot in every legislative district across Idaho. They are parents, teachers, nurses, and small business owners who represent the fabric of our communities, united by a shared vision for a stronger, fairer Idaho where every family can thrive.

“As the Republican supermajority descends into extremism, infighting, and chaos, Idaho Democrats from every corner of the state are stepping up to offer voters a choice and hope for the future. These Democratic candidates are running because they cannot accept the loss of our reproductive freedoms and the exodus of doctors from our state, they cannot accept relentless attacks on our libraries, and they will not accept the selling out of our public schools to costly voucher schemes. While the Idaho Republican Party has become unrecognizable to traditional Republicans, we invite voters of all political stripes to get to know their local Democratic candidates.”