Today, Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea released the following statement after Idaho Senate Republicans voted against the Right to Contraception Act:

“Your right to use birth control should never be up for debate, but Mike Crapo and Jim Risch chose to continue supporting the extreme GOP war against reproductive freedoms. Overturning Roe v. Wade was always just the first step for MAGA Republicans. They have made it clear they are willing to rip away every aspect of our reproductive health access and bodily autonomy. Idaho is ground zero for these battles, as patients with pregnancy complications are being airlifted out of the state to receive emergency care. Now, Idaho’s U.S. senators are refusing to protect your access to contraception.

“Republican politicians continue to abuse their power to dictate our most intimate medical decisions. This November, we must elect Democrats up and down the ballot who will continue fighting to protect and restore reproductive freedoms.”