We are deeply troubled that in the middle of a global pandemic, as ICU beds are filling up with COVID patients, Commissioners Beck and Davidson decided to put Party over public health. Ryan Cole has repeatedly peddled disinformation and conspiracy theories. This appointment represents the far-right’s systematic efforts to undermine trust in the medical community.

It is imperative that our elected officials make responsible and informed decisions to safeguard our economy and the lives of Idahoans. Regardless of party affiliation, Cole is an unacceptable choice for any health board, as the medical professional community has indicated. We applaud Commissioner Kenyon’s leadership in her opposition to this dangerous appointment.

Some of Cole’s most egregious actions include:

  • Likening the COVID-19 vaccine to ‘needle rape’
  • Promoting the use of ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug, against recommendations of national and international health agencies
  • Falsely claiming the COVID-19 vaccine has killed thousands of people

Ryan Cole will jeopardize the health of Ada County residents and we urge the other commissioners of the Central District of Health to oppose his nomination.