Today, Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea released the following statement in response to a federal judge temporarily blocking the Idaho abortion ban as it relates to medical emergencies and the health of the patient:

“I am relieved to see the court take this step to ensure that every Idahoan receives necessary medical care in an emergency. Governor Little and Idaho’s Republican legislators were warned about the harm their extreme abortion ban would cause to patients, but they didn’t care. Under the GOP ban, a doctor can either risk prison time to provide care for a nonviable ectopic pregnancy or allow it to go untreated, causing life-threatening internal bleeding. 

“Every pregnancy is unique and Idahoans deserve leaders who will protect their freedom to make intimate decisions about abortion care alongside their doctors and loved ones. There is not a single Republican on the ballot this November who has stood up for our reproductive freedoms. We must vote these dangerous, extreme politicians out of office before their cruel quest for control kills more Idahoans.”


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