Become a Precinct Captain

Becoming a Democratic precinct captain is a powerful way to influence change in your community. As a precinct captain, you play a crucial role in grassroots organizing and mobilizing voters. Join our team of dedicated precinct captains and make a lasting impact on the issues that matter most to you and your community. If you’re interested in becoming a precinct captain, reach out to your county party for more information!

Interested in becoming a precinct captain for the Idaho Democratic Party? Please reach out to your county party on this page for more information. Your involvement can make a significant difference in your community and help elect more Democrats!

The Role of a Precinct Captain

The primary goal of the Democratic Party is to win elections, and as a precinct captain, you are an essential part of this mission. It’s important to continuously ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing going to help elect more Democrats?” Even in some communities, identifying just a few more Democratic voters can define success.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend legislative district and/or county central committee meetings.
  • Elect county and legislative district leadership during re-organization meetings.
  • Nominate a replacement if any Democratic elected official resigns in your area.
  • Contact people in your neighborhood at least once a year.
  • Volunteer on Election Day for the Get Out The Vote effort.

Traits of Effective Precinct Organizers

Know Your Neighbors
Get acquainted with the people in your precinct. Ensure you know homebound citizens or military personnel who need to vote by mail. Welcome all newcomers with a personal visit or note, and if they are Democrats, inform them how they can register to vote. Help young people who will turn 18 before Election Day to register to vote.

Know Your Precinct
Obtain information about your precinct from your state party or legislative district organization. Study a map of the area, and know the boundaries, number of houses, apartments, churches, businesses, and schools, and the location of your polling place. Understand the economic makeup, number of union members, veterans, students of voting age, total Democratic population, ethnicities represented, and voting history of your precinct.

Know Local Issues
Read your local paper to learn about major concerns in your county, district, and precinct. Understand the hot-button issues in your community and how people in your precinct feel about them. Learn about important state issues and familiarize yourself with Democratic Party values and talking points.

Know Where to Find Answers
You don’t have to have all the answers; you just need to know who you can call to find them. Call the Idaho Democratic Party at (208) 336-1815 any time you need information.