We all value freedom and opportunity. Idaho Democrats understand these values and have made them the foundation of the newly adopted Idaho Democratic Party platform. Idahoans from every corner of the state convened to address pressing issues like underfunded public schools, rising home costs, and the need to safeguard reproductive freedoms. Together, we charted a course to improve the lives of Idaho families.

Central to our Democratic platform is the commitment to education. Idaho’s public schools have been underfunded for too long, leaving students and teachers without the necessary resources to succeed. Our platform calls for investment in education, from early childhood to higher education. We believe every child deserves a quality education, regardless of zip code. By supporting our public schools, we are investing in the future of our state and ensuring that all Idahoans have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our vision extends to building an economy that works for everyone. We advocate for investing in roads and bridges to keep business moving and clean energy to make growth sustainable. Our platform supports fair wages, affordable childcare, and protections for Medicare and Social Security. We know that upholding the rights of workers to stick together through unions is integral to leveling the economic playing field. Supporting local agriculture and its necessary infrastructure, like irrigation systems, keeps our food supply secure.

We advocate for affordable, high-quality healthcare for every Idahoan, including restoring our reproductive freedoms. Protecting Medicaid, lowering prescription drug prices, and expanding mental health services are critical components of our agenda.

Importantly, our platform is embodied by the local Democratic candidates running across Idaho. This year marks unprecedented levels of grassroots participation, with Democratic candidates running in every legislative district. We are inspired by everyday Idahoans who want to improve our state, like Julia Parker, a dedicated nurse advocating for elder care rights; Mary Shea, a child welfare attorney challenging extreme GOP legislation; and Joseph Messerly, a small business owner defending public libraries.

The new Democratic platform stands in stark contrast to the one passed by Idaho GOP party activists earlier this month. The Republican Party endorsed a deeply dangerous and unpopular agenda that is far out of step with the majority of Idahoans and dictates how elected Republicans must vote to avoid retribution from party bosses.

This election presents a pivotal moment for Idaho’s future. Every legislative seat matters in shaping policies that will define the future of our state. The Idaho Democratic Party platform serves as a roadmap to a fairer and prosperous future, driven by the voices and needs of everyday Idahoans. Let us rally behind candidates who embody Idaho values and are prepared to stand up against far-right extremism.


Lauren Necochea
Idaho Democratic Party Chair