An economy should serve the people who power it, not the other way around. Building such an economy requires making smart investments in our communities, empowering workers and small business owners, and cutting costs for families. Democrats are working to grow the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down. Historic progress over the last two and half years — including the lowest unemployment in over 50 years and 13.2 million new jobs — shows our agenda is working. 

Democrats have driven billions of dollars in investments, jobs, and economic opportunities in Idaho alone. Micron broke ground on a $15 billion Boise manufacturing facility expected to create 2,000 good-paying jobs following the passage of the Chips & Science Act. Democrats are working to bring manufacturing jobs back home, even while Idaho’s Republican delegation voted against this legislation to strengthen our national and economic security.

Rural communities are also benefiting from Democratic leadership. Idaho was awarded $583 million to expand broadband services. Thousands of Idahoans living in small towns and communities will be able to access the reliable, affordable internet they need to work, learn skills, and conduct business. In towns like Driggs, Cascade, and Priest River critical funds will repair roads, bridges, and other long-neglected infrastructure. These projects were made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, championed by Democrats.

Democrats are fighting to give families more breathing room by lowering costs. Over 324,000 Idaho residents with Medicare will benefit from the $2,000 yearly cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and a $35 monthly cap on insulin. Earlier this week, Vice President Harris announced new steps to lower the cost of childcare, making it possible for parents to stay on the job.

It is no accident that the United States has seen the strongest pandemic recovery of any leading economy. It is a direct result of the Democratic economic agenda that prioritizes working families. For the 12th straight month, annual inflation has fallen and real wages for the average American worker are now higher than they were before the pandemic. This strategy of boosting working Americans into an expanding middle class fuels local businesses because more families can afford shoes for their kids, car repairs, and other goods and services on Main Street.

While our work isn’t finished, our economy grows stronger every day.

But this progress is at risk.

MAGA Republicans continue pushing failed trickle-down policies: heaping expensive tax treats onto the well-off and profitable corporations that blow up the deficit and do nothing for regular people. 

Idahoans deserve a vibrant economy in which working families benefit from their contributions.

Democrats will keep fighting for an economy that works for all. 


Lauren Necochea, Idaho Democratic Party Chair