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We’re powered by passionate Dems from every part of Idaho. From Aberdeen to Bonners Ferry and every place in-between—whether by registering voters, running for office, or just having conversations with our neighbors—Idaho Democrats are coming together to bring balance to our state.

About Us

Democratic party

We work to elect Democrats at all levels by providing technical support and training to our candidates and local Parties. Our year-round organizing program identifies voters in communities across Idaho and shares our message with them. It’s an exciting time to join Idaho Democrats as we fight for decent public education, a safe place for our families to get ahead, a thriving market where small and large businesses alike can invest in our communities, and government that is accountable and responsive to the People. There’s a way for everyone to join us in this work, find yours here.

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Your support will help us implement a year-round organizing strategy that puts boots on the ground in communities across Idaho to register voters and inform them on our shared values.

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