D.E.M. Club

Welcome to the Idaho D.E.M. Club!

In recognition of the growing interest in the Democratic Party, the Idaho D.E.M. Club was founded to plan and discuss democratic policies. The D.E.M. Club acts as a grassroots organization to be the driving force behind some of our most important concerns including job creation, education and health care.

As a member you have access to monthly updates, D.E.M. Club gear and various other events throughout the year. At these events, we hope to educate while maintaining a social and fun environment.

We believe that Idaho Democrats are stronger together than on our own. That is why we welcome you to join our club and contribute monthly to our cause. With your consistent contribution, the D.E.M. Club is able to connect with voters on issues that matter to them most.

Join D.E.M. Club today by clicking the “donate” button below and selecting the “donate monthly” option.