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Capitol Roundup

Idaho Democrats fight to protect the prosperity and well-being of all Idahoans. Regular Idaho families don’t have lobbyists and can’t afford big campaign donations, but their interests should always be front and center. Throughout the 2024 legislative session, Idaho Democrats are prioritizing the working families who are too often left behind.

We need the voices of Idahoans to resonate in the People’s House, demanding policies that truly reflect our shared values. Please use the tools and resources below to track key bills and take action.

Idaho House & Senate Democrats

Learn about the Democrats fighting for working families.

Idaho Legislature

Access the official website of the Idaho Legislature.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Learn about how a bill becomes a law in Idaho.

Find Your Legislators

Find who is elected to represent you in the Idaho Legislature.

How to Testify

Learn how to testify in front of a legislative committee.

Live Streaming

Watch what is going on in the Idaho Legislature as it happens.