Webinar Series: T3 Training Program

Registration for the 2017 T3 Training Program has begun!

The 2017 T3 Program begins on Monday, April 17th at 4 pm MT, and we’re excited to once again train and certify local Democratic leaders to engage in long-term community organizing. The program will consist of a 6-week in-depth, online training and certification process, with webinars taking place every Monday and Wednesday at 4 pm MT. Participants that complete all six weeks of the program will receive a certificate of completion. The program schedule and registration link is listed below.

Click here for registration form.


Week Date Subject Webinar Name Curriculum
1 4/17/2017 Political An Intro to the Democratic Party The Democratic Party- a breakdown of national organizational structure; mission of the Party; Party leadership; Goals of the T3 program- timeline and curriculum overview; certification and “Train the Trainer” expectation
4/19/2017 Communications Communications: Amplifying the Message Overview of the Democratic message; ways to amplify the message; best practices for writing op-eds, letters to editor, writing elected officials
2 4/24/2017 Digital Email Organizing Basics of managing an email campaign; what makes a successful email; building an email list; how to send blast email (digital platforms); content best practices
4/26/2017 Digital Social Media Organizing Basics of social media organizing- using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for recruitment; what not to post on social media
3 5/1/2017 Grassroots Organizing Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement How to organize house meetings; sharing your personal story; building volunteer lists; building neighborhood teams
5/3/2017 Grassroots Organizing Volunteer Engagement II Best practices for engaging key constituency groups in non-Presidential years
4 5/8/2017 Technology Basics of VAN Basics of VAN and Tech platforms- processing volunteers; mapping and cutting turf; miniVAN/field tracking
5/10/2017 Technology Virtual Phone Bank Phone banking- adding and editing voter information; making virtual phone bank calls; basic troubleshooting methods; creating and assigning user accounts
5 5/15/2017 Fundraising Recruiting Small Dollar Donors Donor motivation; donor list building; making the ask
5/17/2017 Political Candidate Recruitment Building the bench; making the ask; candidate support
6 5/22/2017 Research Opposition Research Tools Fact-checking resources; managing trackers- how to track; barriers to tracking; how to transcribe and load footage; best practices for tracking; party resources
5/24/2017 Program Wrap Teaching What You’ve Learned How to organize trainings in your state

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