Candidate for Idaho Attorney General

Tom Arkoosh


I’m a 4th generation Idahoan. I grew up on a family farm in Gooding, Idaho, attended Harvard, and received my law degree from the University of Idaho. During my 44-year legal career, I have successfully practiced in almost every field, with particular emphasis on water law, civil litigation, criminal law and administrative law. I have managed my own law firm for more than 30 years and am known as an accomplished advocate and effective manager. The Idaho attorney general’s office needs a leader with broad experience, demonstrated legal ability, and political independence. That’s what I offer. I also have the backbone to resist extremists who would push their own narrow agendas and promote their own political ambitions.

Unlike my opponent, I will not file frivolous, costly lawsuits to score political points or cater to partisan interests. This election is critical because it will set the tone of our politics for years, maybe decades, to come. We can have peace, prosperity, and a strong democracy; or we can have hate, fear, and potentially irreparable harm to America as we know it. The forces of extremism are on the march in Idaho. There are those who would shred the rule of law, impose tyranny, and appeal to hatred and violence. We must do everything we can to preserve reason and democracy. I respectfully invite you to support my campaign and ask for your vote.

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Arkoosh for Attorney General – PO Box 140589, Garden City, 83714