Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Terri Pickens Manweiler


I am running for Lieutenant Governor for many reasons. Most importantly, I am running because it is time for change in Idaho. For too long Idahoans have voted against their own interests, assuming that the people they vote for will have their best interests at heart simply because of the party affiliation next to their names. For many years, I believed the elected leaders in Idaho shared my values and that they genuinely cared about me. For the past four or five years, that belief has been absolutely shattered. I now see that in order to have a state with leaders that respect my values and the values of most Idahoans, I needed to be a voice for all of us. A voice of reason. A voice of humility. And a voice for change. It’s time.

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Terri for Idaho – PO Box 2128 Boise, ID 83701