Candidate for District 29 House Seat B

Nate Roberts


I am running to represent nearly 2/3 of Idahoans that are the state’s labor force. While Idaho has been one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, living in Idaho as a working family has not been getting easier. Why is that?

There is an imbalance in our state government.

Businesses, Ranches, corporate Farms, even the extremists, have lobbyists. Those lobbyists roam the halls of our capitol building while the rest of us are at our jobs trying to earn a living. They have the ear of our elected officials, our State Representatives, Senators, and the Governor. Who is there to be the voice of working people, to be in the other ear of the elected officials?

I have worked for a living for my family for over 35 years. I still get up in the early hours, work all day for a company that I have no vested interest in, to get home in the late hours tired, worn out, and sometimes hurting, all for a paycheck that does not go as far as I think it should. It’s not getting easier. Housing costs are on the rise to a point where working families are priced out, some even living without a home while working one or more full-time jobs. Food, gas, vehicles the only thing that has not been rising is our wages.

Idaho’s working families need representatives to be a voice in our Capitol. I can be one of those voices.

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Roberts for Idaho – PO Box 2173, Pocatello, ID 83206