Candidate for District 15 House Seat B

Jeff Nafsinger


As a native Idahoan and native to Ada county, I’ve seen the growth we’ve experienced firsthand. I’ve also seen the issues that are the natural consequence of our growing popularity as one of the most sought-after places to live in the U.S.

As of late, we’ve all witnessed an extreme shift in Idaho politics. Not enough time and energy has been given to the issues that affect all of us, such as education, growth planning, taxes, & public lands. Instead, what we are seeing is political grandstanding, publicity stunts, and wasted taxpayer dollars.

Growing up, I remember a two-party system where politicians worked together to make a better Idaho. I want that world for my children. I want that world for your children too. I pledge to work for the good of Idahoans across the state by promoting policies that enrich and improve all of our lives, regardless of party affiliation.

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Committee to Elect Nafsinger for Idaho – PO Box 4726, Boise, ID 83711