Candidate for District 14 House Seat A

Crystal Ivie


My main drive to run for the state Legislature is rooted deeply in the belief that Idaho’s children are worth more funding, more investment, and more intention that they are given now in our state. Idaho remains one of least-funded educational systems in the entire country. The education of our children is sacred ground to me. We must insist on setting up future generations for success. This is best accomplished by making an investment into their Pk-12 educational opportunities. Just as important, is my belief that once graduated from high school, Idaho youth need to have more funding available to them to go on to higher education in technical and academic programs. This is particularly important in order that Idahoans are competitive in the high-tech careers available in Idaho. These careers are often higher-paying and require higher education than a high school diploma or equivalent. Making higher education accessible and financially feasible is a subject on which I am greatly passionate.

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