Idaho Democrats won City Council races throughout the state!

  • Sandpoint- Aaron Qualls
  • Moscow- Tom Lamar
  • Grangeville- Shelley Dumas Write in
  • McCall- Nic Swanson and Jackie Aymon
  • Boise- Mayor Dave Bieter, Lauren McLean, Ben Quintana, David Eberle
  • Twin Falls- Shawn Barigar
  • Pocatello- Eva Nye
  • Driggs- Ralph Mossman

Excerpt from DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse, Election Night 2011: A Repudiation of Extreme Republican Policies, A Victory for the Middle Class- Last night, we saw voters come out to the polls to defeat Republican initiatives and Republican candidates across the country in a full-scale repudiation of extreme and divisive Republican policies, and party leaders like Mitt Romney, from immigration and women’s reproductive rights to ballot access and the treatment of public employees. Whether in the West, Northeast, Midwest, South, or any corner of our nation, the American people see Republicans and the extreme-policies for which they are advocating as out of step with the vast majority of Americans. Voters are tired of Republican attempts to balance our economic recovery solely on the backs of the middle class without asking the wealthiest and special interests to pitch in and pay their fair share. And they’re tired of the Republican Party’s anti-women, anti-worker, anti- immigrant, and anti-middle class policy positions, which are falling flat with voters and do not bode well for their electoral prospects in 2012. Unfortunately that’s all they seem to be getting from state elected officials, Republicans in Washington, and the Republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail.


Ohio Stands Up For Working Families

Perhaps the most watched race of the night was Issue 2 in which Ohio voters struck down SB 5, the anti-workers’ rights measure…

Mississippi Personhood Defeat a Victory for the Health of Women and Their Families

In Mississippi last night, Republicans tried to pass Amendment 26, the so-called “Personhood” Amendment, a dangerous measure that would restrict a woman’s right to choose even in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. … Republicans should take note that Americans will not let them pass these divisive initiatives that would move our country, and the rights of women, backward.

Maine Voters Come Out On the Side of Democracy

In Maine, we saw voters cast their ballots in support of reinstating same-day registration, a nearly four-decade’s long policy in the state that the Republican legislature did away with in June.


A Rebuke to Anti-Immigrant Republicans in Arizona

The recall of Russell Pearce, the Arizona State Senate President and Republican leader who authored SB 1070, the divisive and extreme anti-immigration policy in Arizona, shows that Americans aren’t embracing the anti-immigrant rhetoric prevalent in the Republican Party.


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