Two Town Hall Forums Don’t Cut It

We’re asking you to take 10 MINUTES and call your Congressmen and Senators to demand a public town hall meeting. They’re on Easter Recess for the next two weeks and we’ve heard there have only been two town halls scheduled for Raul Labrador, both of them in the Treasure Valley. Idaho is a HUGE state– two meetings in the same region is not going to work! If we all make one call, that can make an impressive impact.

Here is a sample script that you can use:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of Sen/Rep. Labrador/Simpson/Crapo/Risch. I’d like to know when his next town hall forum will be?
[If there isn’t one planned] I would like to request that Sen/Rep. Labrador/Simpson/Crapo/Risch hold a town hall forum while on recess and to be notified when they do.

Senator Mike Crapo:
Boise-(208) 334-1776
CDA-(208) 664-5490
Lewiston-(208) 743-1492
Idaho Falls-(208) 522-9779
Twin Falls- (208) 734-2515
Pocatello- (208) 236-6935

Senator Jim Risch:
Boise- (208) 342-7985
CDA- (208) 667-6130
Lewiston- (208) 743-0792
Pocatello- (208) 236-6817
Twin Falls- (208) 734-6780

Congressman Raul Labrador:
CDA- (208) 667-0127
Lewiston- (208) 743-1388
Meridian- (208) 888-3188

Congressman Mike Simpson:
Boise- (208) 334-1953
Idaho Falls- (208) 523-6701
Twin Falls- (208) 734-7219
Pocatello- (208) 233-2222

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