Tonight! Please Get Record of Rep. Heather Scott’s Town Hall

We need folks to let us know what happens at a Rep. Heather Scott Town Hall tonight in Sandpoint.

Be careful. Be respectful. Be courteous. Folks tell us that Rep. Scott uses a group of gun-packing militants as “security” and we’ve heard reports that they will harass non-Scott supporters to keep them from going into the meeting. Please report any difficulty to law enforcement.

Remember: this is the same group of supporters who intimidated a 90-year-old woman in the Safeway parking lot.

Please let us know how this goes though. Record it on your iPhone and take photos. This may be the only time Scott will pop her head out of her bunker during the election season:

From Heather Scott’s campaign as published in the Nickel’s Worth:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016, Sandpoint Library, 6:30pm. Meet your neighbors and state representative Heather Scott. Come share your concerns. Paid by Andrew Scott, treasurer, 208-920-3120

Is a reality in Idaho! When seconds count, you can thank the Second Amendment and Rep. Heather Scott, a true representative of the people. Paid by Andrew Scott, treasurer, 208-920-3120

Rep. Heather Scott believes that the 1st Amendment guarantees everyone’s right to free speech. The democrats use “political correctness” to stifle your free speech. Vote for a proven defender of your God given rights. Vote Heather Scott, November 8. Paid by Andrew Scott, treasurer, 208-920-3120


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