The Blue Review August Edition

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TeamstersTeamsters Local 483 
Executive Director Shelley Landry thanks George Moses and Mark Briggs for their organization’s recent contribution.

Idahoan has lunch with the President

Kathleen McKevitt     Kathleen McKevitt, was one of six other summer organizers to have the honor of having lunch with The President of the United States. Kathleen currently resides in Jerome, Idaho, and is part of the Obama for America Summer Organizing team. Over 1,500 summer organizers around the United States  were asked to submit an essay on what it means to organize. Kathleen recalls, “I had put my essay submission for lunch with the President out of my mind. There were so many submitted around the USA and I figured it was highly unlikely that a little known writer from Idaho would be chosen.  Plus, I was working on house parties for the President’s birthday so when the call came, I was beyond surprised, beyond thrilled, and still am. I am ecstatic!!” Kathleen was flown to Washington, D.C., on August 9 and returned August 11.

Kathleen has spent the summer reaching out to Obama supporters in Idaho and helping the campaign prepare for the 2012 re-election. She says, “It has been an honor just to be able to do the early work for the President’s campaign and I have enjoyed it immensely.  Connecting with people and seeing more people connect with other people is a joy and so needed in a time when people tend to feel so disconnected. Being in the company of the President is beyond my wildest imagination, something I will treasure for the remainder of my life and that will continue to also thrill many people in my life and in my state who support the President and are happy for me. I will be sky high for months to come!

Congratulations, Kathleen, we know you were the perfect representative to let the President know how much support he has in Idaho.


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Rep. Ellie Boldman-Hill to be Keynote Speaker in Sun Valley Oct. 29th

Rep. Boldman-HillWe are deeply honored to have Rep. Ellie Boldman-Hill join us during our Fall Central Committee. Idaho Native, and avid Western Democrat, Ellie was recently chosen by Time Magazine as one of the “40 Under 40 Political Rising Stars” in the country!
Ellie’s resume is impressive and she proudly represents her Idaho roots. To give you a brief glimpse:
o The National Vice President for the Young Democrats of America,
o Named by the Washington Post as one of the best “State-based Political Tweeters”,
o Awarded as “Missoula’s Best Activist” (2007-2011) for her advocacy for the impoverished and her
political engagement on progressive causes
And this is just the tip of the iceberg…Ellie is a must see! You won’t want to miss her.


Learn more about Rep. Boldman-Hill |

Buy Blue Online Auction

Look for our Buy Blue Holiday Auction in October! We can’t think of a better way to do your holiday shopping then by supporting the Democratic cause. You can accomplish two great things in one fast and fun trip to our auction website. Keep your eyes on your inbox as the leaves begin to fall for more details.

Do you have a skill, business, talent to donate? Do you have prior auction organizing experience and time that would you like to donate? Please conact 



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Celebrating Democrats

Jackie AymonJackie Aymon is an Idaho native, born in Boise, who graduated from Capital High.  She lives in McCall and is currently a member of city council. Her friends will testify that Ms. Aymon works hard to make McCall a better place to live and work for all its citizens. She brings her broad life experiences to her work on the McCall City Council.

Ms. Aymon has been active in Democratic politics, serving as Vice Chair and Chair of the Valley County Democrats. Last year she took on another challenge, accepting an appointment as a City of McCall Council person. Coming from Democratic roots in a very red state, Jackie hopes that citizens can see what a positive force a progressive voice can bring to the community.  She is proud of her accomplishments this year working with a diverse council. With Jackie on the council they have settled two outstanding lawsuits and had very a successful centennial celebration of the founding of the city.  “I want to make McCall, Idaho’s number one mountain town,” says Jackie.

This “blue girl in a red state” has made a difference in people’s lives. Thank you, Jackie, for everything you do to make a difference in your county and set an example for others.


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Last week of Redistricting Commission Meetings

Redistricting CommissionThe Redistricting Commission is scheduled to wrap up by the 6th of September, hopefully with a final map on the Secretary of State’s desk. This week should be telling about whether or not Idaho will soon have new legislative and congressional boundaries.

There has been disagreement on the Commission regarding the legal guidelines.  Democratic Commissioners are holding firm that the final map must meet both federal and state constitutional guidelines first, before adhering to statute guidelines.

To review all of the maps currently before the commission, click here.  To watch the upcoming hearings, click here.

Please take a few moments to urge the Commission to reach a decision by their Sept. 6 deadline. Email 


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Idaho Democrats on Facebook Idaho Young Democrats

Take the Education Survey


Tom Luna didn’t ask for your input but the Idaho Education Association is. You can ensure Idaho’s students thrive and really do come first. Please fill out this short 4 question survey.



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Idaho Young Democrats received their official charter in Kentucky at the National Convention in July. They met for their first planning session before school started to identify their goals. They would like to organize groups on all major college campuses, start groups at our larger high schools around the state and create thriving caucus groups.

We are working very closely with the Young Democrats and excited about the difference their presence will make in our state. By organizing the following groups of young people they will be able to organize, motivate and activate a whole new generation of voters and campaign supporters.


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