Thank Idaho Democrats for Lawmaker Ethics Training in Capitol

Ethics Training for Lawmakers a Good Start, But a Small One

Boise, Idaho— The Idaho Democratic Party commends the Legislature for attending an ethics training Jan. 9 in the Idaho Capitol. However, after numerous GOP ethical failures of recent years, more must be done.

The IDP supports Idaho Democratic lawmakers who have pledged to continue working toward ethics reform, and a more responsible, transparent culture in the Statehouse. The past hard work of Idaho Democratic lawmakers was the force behind any improvements we see today.

Though unrelated to today’s ethics training for lawmakers, it is noteworthy that the GOP elite continue to harm the public’s trust. State Treasurer Ron Crane shows little concern regarding a $10,000 annual donation of taxpayer funds that he gives to a nonprofit that he created—though auditors say the gift is not appropriate, according to the AP. Crane does, however, pledge to keep better track of spending on junkets to New York City and hiring of limousines for Idaho politicians.


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