Stephen Howlett, Bonners Ferry Dem for House

Stephen Howlett works in the construction industry and is owner of Stephen Howlett Remodeling. He’s no politician. He’s a small business owner who sees the current Legislative District 1 representative as only representing a tiny group that tears down rural communities with fear and division.

Stephen Howlett has the character and the will to make a real difference in this district that includes Bonner and Boundary counties.

Stephen Howlett is deeply concerned about the prosperity of his rural community. He seeks ways to keep rural Idaho industries profitable while protecting access to our public places to hunt and fish. He supports reinvesting in education and building more transparency in state government.

Stephen Howlett understands that northern Idaho doesn’t want politicians, such as his opponent Sage Dixon, who will lock us out of our treasured hunting and camping spots by selling them off to the highest bidder. He focuses on solutions to keep traditional industries, such as timber, vital while building an economy that puts today’s workers to work today.

Steve’s Facebook.

Opponent: Sage Dixon is a less charismatic and less ambitious version of his completely out of touch seatmate, Heather Scott. His “leadership” harms northern Idaho’s ability to prosper.

Stephen Howlett has already won a primary contest and is competitve for the general. Idaho Dems are grateful to him for waging a write-in campaign against a John Birch Society candidate whose values are out of line with his district and with Idaho Dems (the 2016 IDP Platform).

Here’s a brief look from the Spokesman Review at the primary election outcome:


Write-in candidate wins Democratic primary in District 1; will face Rep. Sage Dixon

Write-in candidate Stephen Howlett has defeated Bob Vickaryous to become the Democratic nominee for the District 1 House seat now held by Rep. Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay; the two will face off in November. Howlett received 408 write-in votes, exceeding the 392 cast for Vickaryous, whose name was on the ballot.

Vickaryous is a conservative – known for manning the John Birch Society booth each year at the Boundary County Fair – who registered as a Democrat, as did another conservative in the district, Steve Tanner, who’s running against Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint. (Previously, Tanner ran against Keough in a Republican primary.)

Howlett, a building contractor from Bonners Ferry, has lived in the area since 1977 and has long been involved in local Democratic politics, running the local caucus this year that saw a strong turnout for Bernie Sanders.

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