Do Idahoans expect the legislature to live up to the constitutional mandate to provide quality education? Tuesday’s local district levy override elections should leave no doubt as to the answer. The overwhelming failure of many local school override levies should be a warning to state decision makers and a message to voters. Ignoring research and proven practice, Luna and the Idaho legislature have failed miserably to provide the support needed for effective schools.

Public schools and higher education are non-partisan responsibilities of all the people. All the people benefit from quality education and all the people are the state. Luna and the legislature have abdicated their duty to have the state properly fund schools and have dumped school costs on the limited resources of local districts. It is complete irresponsibility by the legislature and state superintendent in a time of economic struggle. Luna and the majority party leadership have embarked on a calculated effort to overload teachers, dismantle public schools, encourage segregation and elitism and funnel off most of the education budget to profit-making enterprises. It’s a clear case of ‘crony’ capitalism.

Will the people permit this self-centered, power hungry effort to continue? Voters need to step forward, change the complexion of the legislature and retract the senseless Luna laws on November 6.

Travis Manning, Executive Director, Common Sense Democracy Foundation

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