Spend Tuesday March 8th at the Statehouse

Come for education:

9am tomorrow our Democratic Legislators will be taking a stand on Luna’s Education Legislation. We thought that it would be nice if the House gallery were full of concerned citizens in support of their efforts. Please join us and talk to the press about how much this means to you. Note: You CANNOT testify— Please be respectful. Signs are banned but buttons are allowed. See you tomorrow!

Stay for Health and Welfare:

Tuesday- It is critical for everyone to attend the public hearing on the bill (HB 221) that makes devastating cuts to Medicaid. Sign up begins at 12:30pm. The hearing starts at 1:30pm. Come line up early on the Garden level to sign up to testify. Legislators have a moral obligation to hear the truth about how their cuts will diminish and shorten the lives of Idahoans with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

If you aren’t able to make it to the Statehouse start writing. Let the powers that be know your thoughts on the Statehouse legislation.

Governor Butch Otter— tell him to VETO SB1108 (teacher contracts and 99%) and SB1110 (pay for performance).

Revenue and Taxation Committee Members— let them know you support revenue options.

Health & Welfare Members — show them how the proposed cuts will have lasting & dangerous consequences in our communities.

JFAC —stress that they must fund education and Medicaid

Write a letter to the editor to your local paper.

For talking points on any of the issues above please email .