Senator LeFavour’s Pre-Session Letter

Idaho’s legislative session begins Monday January 9. Many issues will be critical this year, most of all again the budget and its impact on teachers, students, state employees, and the affordability of education and health — not to mention our continued lack of dedication to providing adequate mental health and substance abuse treatment to families and individuals.
    I work hard to be hopeful, but I have deep concerns for our state’s handling of the economy and the 3000 state jobs we have eliminated since 2009. (See my blog for more.)
    What does give me hope is that on Monday at noon, as the session begins, Mistie and Cody and volunteers from Add the Words will begin posting sticky notes from across the state inside the Capitol where lawmakers will see them. 
    This year, more Idahoans than ever before are aware of the need to include gay and transgender people in Idaho’s human rights act. If we all stand up with these young people this year, perhaps indeed something positive will come of this legislative session. I hope you will stand with me in making sure it does. (Attend a January 28 Rally or Vigil. Send your sticky notemessage now.)
Thank you. It is a deep honor to represent you in the Senate.
P.S. Please feel free to reply if you have legislative issues that are important to you.

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