Sen. Dan Schmidt, Moscow, August Update

August 2, 2012
Moscow, Idaho
from Senator Dan Schmidt


To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government and the sure and gradual deterioration of the public morals.


– Mark Twain’s Autobiography






Health and Idaho


Grow Business




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The session is long over but I continue to work as a State Senator and as a candidate, so I write this update. I also need to clarify if you want to keep receiving this newsletter or other communication.


Idaho Health or Healthcare



I spoke in June to the Idaho Boards of Public Health Districts on issues regarding health, healthcare and public policy. Often we confuse health and healthcare. Idaho is embroiled in a debate about healthcare and debate is healthy. I wanted to challenge these community leaders to consider concepts of health in their communities and the idea of just what makes a healthy community. It was a lively discussion.
The CAT Board continues to meet every other month or so and we spend the taxpayers’ dollars on hospital bills for the uninsured. Our last meeting was in Lewiston and after we approved the payment of $4 million the discussion ended on the future of this program. With the Supreme Court decision about the Affordable Care Act our state has some decisions to make, some work to do. Our states current method for payment for the uninsured is unsustainable.  We need a solution.
I also attended the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting and attended the Idaho Medical Association meeting in July, both as a doctor and as a Senator.
This week I was in Boise for the Health Care Task Force meeting and next week I will be in Boise again for the governors work group on whether to expand Medicaid coverage in this state.



Economic Development


In May I met with the Clearwater Economic Development Council down in the port of Lewiston and heard their stories. They have successfully assisted small businesses in the region through steady leadership and support. Then, in June I attended the Latah Economic Development Council annual meeting. They also had success stories to share.



All legislators in Idaho serve for two years, and this year with new districts nobody is an incumbent. I am working to get to know my new district, since I want to serve in this office again. I am running for State Senate in District 5. There are many aspects to campaigning, raising money, meeting people, getting your word out, and knocking on doors.  I have attended events in both counties to meet folks and get to know issues. I have more to do.
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Senator Dan Schmidt

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