School levy chaos

The Idaho Democratic Party is hearing from concerned citizens
that people are getting conflicting information regarding where
to vote in the Boise and Meridian School District levy election

People have reported that the Secretary of State’s website is
giving conflicting information and Ada County Elections office
has too few people to answer phones to clarify for thousands of
voters where they vote. While many voters are fine going to
their previous polling place, others who have changed addresses
can’t vote where they voted last time because they don’t live
there any more.

This means that today, despite months of preparation, voters will
be disinfranchised because election officials have not gotten
the correct information to voters.

If you plan to vote in the Boise School District levy, which
educators and parents say is essential to correct the damage
inflicted on schools by Supt. Tom Luna’s policies and massive,
unnecessary budget cuts by legislators and the governor, please
keep trying to get through to the Ada County elections office.
We know they are doing their best to keep up with the unexpected
volume of calls. Their number is (208) 287-6860.

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Still waiting for the Ada County Election office to pick up. I requested my absentee ballot two weeks ago. Hasn’t arrived. They even called me to confirm my mailing address last Monday.

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