Sally Boynton Brown: As Bits of Glass Fall Around Me

Idaho sent a strong delegation to the DNC Convention in Philadelphia this year. Idaho Democratic Party Executive Sally Boynton Brown wrote about witnessing the historic event:

sally-boynton-brown“…The power of feeling the glass ceiling break in pieces and fall around me was something I could never describe. I sat with tears pouring down my face, unable to make a sound, unable to move a single part of my body, totally paralyzed by the intensity of emotion I was feeling both within myself and all around me. We might all continue to go about our daily lives and it might feel similar to the day before, but it isn’t. Nothing in our society will ever be the same as it was. Women’s place in history and the world is a little more equal than it was before.”

Read the full essay: AS BITS OF GLASS FALL AROUND ME

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