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Pence Legislative Update, Week 8 – Feb. 27 – March 2, 2012

We are heavy into passing legislation and often have two floor sessions each day.   It keeps a person busy reading legislation, talking to lobbyists , and checking ( answering ) e-mails from constituents concerning that legislation.
I was very disappointed when the bipartisan Internet Sales Tax Bill failed on a tie vote in the Revenue and Tax Committee in the House.   All this bill would have done would be join other states who want to treat on an equal basis, internet business and our local businesses that have to charge sales tax. This is an unfair burden to our local merchants.
Rep. Lacey and I got our Value Added Tax Credit bill printed the Tax and Rev. This week and look forward to the regular hearing next week.
The HB 486 Tanning Bill was pulled back to committee over the objection of the bill’s sponsor. Generally this is paramount to killing the bill.   The excuse given was that new information had just been received.     I feel the bill had passed out of committee and should have been voted up or down, as did t Rep. Rusche the sponsor.   The new information should have been passed on to the Senate if the bill made it off the floor.
HB 542 would remove authority from the Fish and Game to restrict certain roads or trails to hunter’s using atv’s during hunting season.   There had been an interim committee study of this issue over the summer and rather than produce legislation asked the Fish and Game and the Department of Parks and Recreation to work together to produce a plan reducing the confusion over which trails were closed to hunting.   F & G has declared a moratorium on additional closures and these two agencies should be allowed time to work out a reasonable compromise. A 2007 Mule Deer Hunter Survey and my e-mail on this issue shows sportsmen are supportive of the F& G’s trail closures during hunting seasons.
I recently mentioned most legislation results from individuals seeing a problem that needs correcting contacting their local legislators who will either help you by drawing up legislation or put you in touch with those with expertise in a particular field.  A good example of this is HB 511 that resulted from a Gooding resident seeing a safety problem for low flying planes or helicopters involving cell towers . These cell towers and the guy wires on them were virtually invisible and a real danger to pilots. He was directed to work through the the House Transportation Committee , the one that is charged with aviation related issues to create legislation that required towers under 50′ to be lighted and their guy wires marked so they would be visible at all times.   The bill passed the House this week and is on the way to the Senate.

I will be home this week end so feel free to call me with your concerns about legislation at 934-5302 or e-mail at 

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