Register To Vote

The deadline to pre-register to vote has passed. You can still register to vote at the polls in person when you vote early or on Election Day.

Are you eligible to register to vote in Idaho? 

You can register to vote in Idaho if you are 18 years old (or will be 18 by Election Day), are a US citizen, and have lived in the election district you’re voting in for 30 days. These districts include: taxing district, city elections, county elections, state elections.

You cannot vote if you are incarcerated, on parole, or on probation for a felony conviction. Once you have completed your period of supervised release you will need to re-register to vote.

How to register to vote:

  1. You can register to vote in person or by mail using the Idaho Voter Registration Form. Submit the form to your County Clerk in person or by mail. Your registration application must be postmarked 24 days prior to the election. If you’re a first-time voter in Idaho, you must send a copy of a current photo ID, OR a copy of a utility bill showing your name and address.
  2. You can register at the polls on Election Day if you bring proof of ID and Idaho residency.
  3. We are super excited to report that Idaho is on board with online voter registration! Register to vote online here.

Vote by Mail

You can vote by absentee ballot in Idaho. Request an absentee ballot from your County Clerk! If you wish to have an absentee ballot mailed to you, the request must be received by the county clerk’s office by the 11th day prior to the election. You can still cast an absentee ballot in person at the absent elector’s polling place (usually the county clerk’s office) up until 5 p.m. the Friday before the election. Your absentee ballot must arrive at the county clerk’s office by the time the polls close on election day. The absentee request form can be found here.


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