Raul Labrador Backs Big Oil

Although thousands of Idahoans are out of work, Raul Labrador has chosen to side with big oil, not his constituents.  Labrador is co-sponsoring a bill which he says will cut all energy subsidies, but in reality the bill cuts funding for clean, renewable energy and leaves billions of dollars of oil preferences alone.

State Democratic Party Chair Larry Grant said, “The special interests that are backing this bill leave no doubt about who Labrador is representing. They include Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the Club for Growth, and Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by oil billionaire David Koch.”

The bill comes after the 2011 Idaho Legislative session rejected an extension of Idaho’s tax credits for wind power projects, a move that robs Idaho of vital economic growth. A 2011 Boise State University report found that Idaho’s wind energy industry has generated $33 million in state revenue, $44 million in local property taxes and hundreds of new jobs. Now those jobs may go elsewhere.

“In order to protect big oil company profits, Raul Labrador wants to send all the clean energy jobs and dollars elsewhere. If this bill passes, there are plenty of other countries who are willing to welcome those jobs and develop the technology at Idaho’s expense,” said Grant. Raul Labrador’s first priority should be Idahoans, not big oil.  Idahoans need jobs and a thriving economy not a representative that panders to special interests.

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