Press Release: Idaho Democratic Party Statement on Neutrality

For Immediate Release

Idaho Democratic Party Statement on Neutrality

Boise— On Saturday evening, the Jordan for Governor campaign sent an email that was perceived by some as an endorsement from the Idaho Democratic Party. This email was not from the Idaho Democratic Party nor was it approved by the Party.

We are very firm in our commitment to neutrality in the primary. We have asked and reminded all of our Democratic candidates to help us maintain that neutrality. After May 15th, we, like all Idaho Democrats, are excited and prepared to support the candidates who emerge from the primary.

Our goal is and always will be to elect more Idaho Democrats at every level. Idahoans’ priorities are clear. They want strong communities, a thriving economy, and a fair shot at success for everyone willing to work for it. When more Idahoans hear about our values and our solutions, more Idahoans inevitably understand that we are truly the Party that fights for the best interests of Idaho’s workers, families, businesses, and communities.


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