Poll: Idaho GOP Congressmen Weak Going into 2016

Signs of Idaho GOP’s decline keep piling up.

Recently, it was a Dan Jones poll showing that none of Idaho’s GOP congressmen get more than 36 percent of Idahoans who say these politicians “should be re-elected.”

This poll was published in Zion’s Bank’s Idaho Politics Weekly:

“The poll’s findings: Asked if the incumbent should be re-elected next year, or if it is time for someone new, Jones reports:

Crapo (statewide):

— 32 percent said re-elect the senator.
— 47 percent said give someone new a chance.
— 21 percent didn’t know.

Labrador (only Idahoans in his 1st District):

— 36 percent said re-elect him.
— 46 percent want someone new.
— 17 percent didn’t know.

Simpson (only Idahoans in his 2nd District):

— 34 percent said re-elect him.
— 48 percent want someone new.
— 18 percent didn’t know.

These results follow an earlier poll this summer that showed Idaho voters trending away from Republicans.

Idaho Democrats are strengthening as more Idahoans recognize that 20 years of GOP dominance in Idaho has landed our state at the bottom of most major economic measures, and made wages stagnate. With confidence in GOP politicians ebbing, people are seeing that Idaho Democrats have a reasonable, responsible vision for helping families, workers, communities and businesses prosper.

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