Play Ball! Idaho Dems Night at the Hawks

Why do Idaho Dems have such great opportunities to win in 2014?

It’s because we have wonderful candidates and even more wonderful volunteers and contributors who are committed to making a difference.

And it is because we hhawks night 2014ave fun!

chloe hawks night 2014
Chloe gets a bobble-head!

Do you think the Idaho Republicans are having fun these days?

Are they working as a team when their leaders are at each others’ throats? Firing party staff? Changing locks on state offices? Battling over legal challenges over who gets to lead and who gets to have sand kicked in their face?

Of course not!

Idaho Dems, on the other hand, are enthusiastic!

We are working together.Lura Morgan at the Hawks 2014 We have fun together while we are working

together. It’s no secret that the path toward success in 2014 is for Idaho Dems to turn out in great numbers–and that’s what will happen in November.

How do we know that? We have great turnout at events like our fun fundraising night at the Minor League baseball game on Friday evening in Boise: Idaho Dems Night with the Hawks.

U.S. Senate candidate Nels Mitchell
U.S. Senate candidate Nels Mitchell

The evening was warm and perfect.Utah Dem Hawks 2014

Our U.S. Senate candidate, Nels Mitchell, threw the first pitch.

The children enjoyed the bouncy house. Their eyes lit up at toxic doses of cotton candy.

Meeting the Idaho Dems at the gate.
Meeting the Idaho Dems at the gate.

And the Idaho Dems raised cash to help our candidates win!

Look for these opportunities. They are are often included in our emailed weekly update and advertised on Facebook.

Dist. 18 Legislative Chair John Goetsche.
Dist. 18 Legislative Chair John Goetsche.

Be part of the winning team!



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