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Pam Chiarella for Representative

I am running for office because I am a concerned teacher, citizen, wife, mother, and outdoorswoman.

I have a strong belief in education, work ethic, and community service. I believe that hard work and integrity is the backbone of this state and the people who live here. I believe that we need a strong educational system in this state that supports both academic and vocational programs to put people to work. I hope to bring that attitude back to government to represent the voice of the people.

I am an advocate for education, having testified last year before the House of Representatives and Senate against the education reform legislation. It is important that we preserve our Idaho heritage by fighting for our children’s futures. We need public servants who will work for the “will” of the people – you. I want to continue the fight to bring about responsible, common sense governance back to Idaho.

As your elected Representative I will fight for:

  • Education – by implementing proven K-12 and Pre-K Instruction Methods
  • Jobs – by rebuilding infrastructure and keeping jobs in Idaho
  • Equality and Fairness – through fair taxation and defending civil liberties

As your Representative, help me to restore confidence, common sense and ethics. Together let us put the WE back in “We the people…”

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I am a fourth generation Idahoan and my roots are here in District 23. I love this district and I love Idaho – I grew up here.

I spent my youth growing up in Glenns Ferry, where I worked on family farms and dairies with my friends. Growing up here was like growing up nowhere else and I love it here. Where else can you find so much to do? I grew up camping, horseback riding, fishing, white water rafting, skiing, target shooting, and hiking and more. I remember hiking and going “rock hunting” with my parents and what a thrill it was to find an authentic arrowhead. Gee, I sound like a tourist ad, visit Idaho!

I have a wonderful family that spans generations here in District 23. My Great Grandparents (Quiqley’s) were Irish immigrants who settled in the Buhl area and my mother was born in Buhl, and later moved with my Grandparents to Owhyee County and later Boise.

I can proudly say that I am a Daughter of the Utah Pioneers and I have that fighting, independent spirit!

In 2005 I moved from Boise back to Elmore County to teach, and here is where I met my husband, Ray Chiarella. Ray is retired from the US Air Force and became a citizen after his father and mother immigrated to the US from Italy and France. Together we have four beautiful children.

From 1993 to 2000 I attended Boise State University as a non-traditional student, working full-time and attending school part-time. In 2000 I graduated from BSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. While working my way through school, I worked for Health and Welfare managing the Third Party Recovery contract to get Idaho reimbursed for medical expenses paid out by Medicaid. After graduating from BSU, I went to work in the Information Technology industry as an Applications Analyst for private sector companies. In 2005 I graduated with a Master of Education from the University of Idaho. I immediately moved back to District 23 to teach Business Education and Computer Technology classes at Mountain Home High School.

I am a teacher of seven years and over the past year and a half I have been a community organizer working to overturn the damaging education reform legislation, which lit a fire in me that cannot be extinguished.

The ideals of community service and education is what propels me to be a public servant. And that is why I want to be your Representative!


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