Otter’s Legacy- Healthcare?

Idaho didn’t tackle meaningful health care legislation before the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, even though Gov. Clement Leroy Otter now claims otherwise in a recent “Reader’s View” piece published in the Idaho Statesman.

“It is great to hear the governor finally express concern about affordable health care but he is showing up late to the game,” said Shelley Landry, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party. “It is ridiculous that he claims the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act halted plans already in place to improve Idaho’s healthcare. We are unaware of any concrete plans to improve health care by the Governor’s office prior to the passage of the Healthcare Act. Please, Governor, show us the bill you were trying to introduce.”

Despite railing against efforts to improve our nation’s health care system, Otter now refers to a health insurance exchange as an “idea of a one-stop clearinghouse for the best, most up-to-date and concise information available about options for insuring themselves and their families against the potentially catastrophic costs of health care.” Since the governor can’t make that policy sound like a bad idea, perhaps he’s looking for ways to make it sound like his idea?

Read comments on this statement on Kevin Richert’s Editorial page on the Idaho Statesman‘s website

Under the new federal health care law, Idaho has to create an exchange that will be as good or better than what is already provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act. Mrs. Landry said, “Regardless of his inventive recollections, we are hopeful that the governor is successful in the passage of the exchange. Doing something that will help all Idahoans is part of his job.”

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