Otter Economy: Idaho Wages Falling

Gov. Otter just bragged about how garsh durn great Idaho’s economy is. A couple days later, a new survey revealed that Idaho’s wages are rolling down like round hay bales off a hillside.

Get away from your hobby ranch once in awhile, Governor. Find out what it’s like for Idaho families.

Idaho wages lose ground in 2012

August 30, 2013–Idaho Statesman

Already among the lowest-paying states, Idaho wages fell even further behind in 2012, according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

The average hourly wage in Idaho last year was $18.48, or 46th in the nation. Idaho’s median wage of $14.58 ranked 43rd among the states.

The average is calculated by adding up all of the wages in the survey, then dividing by the number of wages in the survey. The median is the middle point in a set of numbers, meaning half of the data set is more than the median, and half is less.

In the last decade, Idaho’s median wage has fallen from 95 percent of the national median to 87 percent. Idaho’s average wage has dropped from 90 percent to 84 percent of the national average.

The national average wage in 2012 was $22.01, and the national median wage was $16.71.

The national survey included all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia had the top average ($36.51) and median (29.79. The state with the highest average was Massachusetts ($26.73), and the state with the highest median was Alaska ($20.92).

The data came from the state’s latest Occupational Employment and Wage Survey. nearly 11,000 Idaho employers participated in the survey.

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