Raise for Workers: Minimum Wage Hike Introduced to Senate

Idaho workers deserve a raise. After 20 years of GOP control, Idaho leads the nation in percentage of minimum wage jobs. At the very least, we can make those jobs go further toward paying a family’s bills.

The Senate State Affairs Committee, Monday, agreed to introduce a bill that would boost Idaho’s minimum wage. Sen. Michelle Stennett, with support of Sens. Buckner-Webb and Werk, argued that the bill is necessary to help lift Idaho families. Stennett spoke to the myth that minimum wage jobs are just for high school kids:

Many think they’re part-time, they live with their parents or are in after-school jobs,” she said, as reported in the Boise Weekly. “But 40 percent [of minimum wage earners] say it’s the sole source of income in their household. Twenty-eight percent have children. Fifty-six percent of them are women, and often single.”

“Stennett’s bill would see Idaho’s current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour increase to $8.50 by July of this year and $9.75 in July 2015, with incremental increases tied to the U.S. government’s consumer price index. Gradual increases are also being proposed for seasonal employees and workers who depend on tips.”

The bill, which drew about 50 folks to observe and support the hearing, now would have to survive a full committee hearing. It remains to be seen whether the bill will be granted that full hearing, however.

We will keep you updated!

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