Meet IDP Political Director Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton joined the Idaho Democratic Party staff this year and manages our database, training webinars, and advises candidates and activists on the best outreach strategies for working in the field.

He’s an essential element of the team and working hard to put Idaho Democrats in the win column in 2014.

In his own words, here’s why Tom is an Idaho Democrat:

Why I Am an Idaho Democrat

“You can be anything you want to be, if you work hard enough.”

That was one of my earliest lessons in life. Something my mother and my teachers were always telling me when I had suddenly decided I was going to be a pilot or a scientist or an architect. It was the kind of thing that inspired in me a profound and enduring love for this country and the opportunity it represents. But as I grew older and more aware, I discovered a gap between what I was taught and what I saw in the world around me. (If you want to help me fight to close that gap, click here now)

I saw my parents working full-time jobs and then some, but still struggling to pay the bills. I saw neighbors and friends work multiple jobs just to get by but they weren’t getting ahead and they weren’t achieving their dreams. I’m a Democrat because I say that isn’t good enough! (Donate now if you agree)

My love of this country has never waned, though my naivete has faded. Now I know that the American Dream isn’t a gift that we are given, but a responsibility that has been passed down through generations. And now it is ours to defend because sometimes the things worth fighting for aren’t the world as it is, but the world the way it ought to be.

I’m a Democrat because I refuse to accept a world where hard work doesn’t have a just reward. I refuse to accept the idea of an America, where the quality of your education and your future is defined by where you were born or how much wealth you were born into.

I’m fighting for the America I was taught about as a child, an America where prosperity belongs to those who work hard and play fair. I’ve chosen this fight, but I can’t win it alone. So donate now because the world we want to live in, is one that we need your help to build.


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