Major Wins for Idaho’s Children

Idaho voters approved a major win for our kids on Tuesday passing $695 million in bonds and levies for our schools. It’s obvious that Idahoans value quality education, but the GOP-controlled legislature refuses to fund public education to the necessary levels. In 2016, the GOP legislature funded public education to 2009 levels. Rep. Sally Toone said it best– “Excuse me?!”

This was a successful election, but we can’t be complacent. The Idaho GOP introduced several measures this year that would make it even harder to pass bonds/levies and would limit access to the polls. They tried moving school board elections to November. They tried to restrict early voting timelines. They’re trying to restrict how districts can educate voters about bonds/levies. They tried to get rid of schools as polling places.

The Idaho GOP is slowly dismantling our public education system. If public schools can’t perform basic functions, they’ll argue we need vouchers and charter schools. Stay engaged. It’s only the first half.


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