Madsen: Tossing Aside Unemployed Idahoans

Roger Madsen wants to throw the unemployed in our state to the wolves to prove his tea party, anti-government credentials. In a statement sent to Congress and the Idaho Legislature, Idaho Department of Labor Director Roger B. Madsen encourages them to “put their fiscal house in order” and oppose further unemployment extensions.

State Chair of The Idaho Democratic Party Larry Grant said, “Roger Madsen must resign. As head of the Idaho Department of Labor it is Madsen’s job to make sure every unemployed person in Idaho has the help and support they need, not cut the very funding their survival depends on. Madsen is advocating for the 1% (as all R’s do). It is actions by the 1%, such as these, that threw workers from the 99% into unemployment in the first place.”

Grant went on further to say, “ It is not the unemployed that caused the recession.  They are not the problem.  Make no mistake, with enough votes to filibuster the U. S. Senate and a majority in the U. S. House, the failure to stimulate the economy rests not with President Obama, but lies clearly on the shoulders of Republican obstructionists who don’t want things to get better before the 2012 elections.”

Unemployment benefits keep people in their homes and buying food and are an efficient way to enhance the economy and do not belong in deficit talks. Roger Madsen needs to put political posturing aside and help Idahoans get back to work.  Otherwise he should resign and let someone do the job his department is supposed to do.

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