Luna Is Not Listening, As Usual

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna is doing what he has done from the beginning: he is ignoring Idaho parents and school children.

Mr. Luna has told the press he will ignore the outcome of the 2012 election that saw the decisive rejection of his top-down system for defunding education and cutting teachers. He intends to push his laws, again, through an overwhelmingly Republican Legislature.

Education should not be a partisan issue. However, Mr. Luna refuses to work with education professionals, parents, and legislators to give our children the world-class education they need.

The Idaho Democratic Party supports reasonable, effective and collaborative efforts to improve our education system. This work must be in the hands of education professionals and parents, not politicians. We do not believe this can be accomplished by edict from a government bureaucrat whose overriding goal is to satisfy his personal political ambitions and out-of-state corporations seeking to profit off our children.

Mr. Luna’s first step out of the gate is not encouraging, not productive, and not in step with Idaho.

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My mom is a teacher and we are barely holding on. It helped a bit when my dad was able to pay child support ($300 dollars a month) but then he got in a hunting accident (a horse fell on him) and was not able to go to work and pay this any longer (FYI, he broke his hip). My family is now severely suffering. My step-dad is going to school and I have a little sister in the household as well. We have been pretty much living on bread that my step-dad makes and some roman noodles. We are not even able to get a bag of cat-food for our poor starving kitties that rids the house of mice (and boy do they do good, so good that they have run out of mice to catch!). Keep in mind the electricity bills-it is Idaho, FREEZING COLD already and we still have to keep our heat WAY down and also off when we are not in the room. I have to wear a coat in the house. I would also like to say i haven’t been able to get any school clothes for a very very long time. Luna has also made it very difficult to graduate.

My mom went to college for this job-Luna, this is not fair and you are a selfish bastard-like rich man and I can’t believe we haven’t started some revolution upon you. I hate you. I couldn’t give two shits if someone ended up assassinating you. Nor would I be surprised.

-Thanks Obama for realizing Luna is a dumbass and unfriendly. I wish you could find a way to help Idaho.

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