Larry Grant: GOP Platform Controlled by the Fringe

Idaho’s GOP offers a clear contrast for Idahoans to decide which political party and candidates share their goals and values. An extreme faction has taken over the GOP and traditional Republicans have been sidelined.

“I encourage every Idahoan to read the Idaho Democratic and the GOP platforms,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant. “Idaho Democrats put families and communities first by building our economy, strengthening our education system and respecting our individual rights. The GOP seeks to kick voters out of elections and prevent Idaho from participating in a modern economy.”

The new GOP platform (according to news reports) includes a call for repeal of the 17th Amendment, which would mean voters could not pick U.S. Senators; a return to the gold standard; and refusal to reopen closed primaries which forces voters to declare a party affiliation.

Idaho Democratic Platform rejects these extreme GOP positions and focuses on working toward a prosperous future. The Preamble is as follows (full platform):

2012 Idaho Democratic Platform Preamble

During the past two centuries it has been the vision and hard work of thousands of America’s leaders- Democrats, Republicans, Independents- who have together provided for a government and society where education, economic opportunity, health care for the young and old, and basic income protection for the elderly are now understood as vital to our way of life.

Idaho Democrats believe that many of the milestone achievements of the last century are under attack, but we are strong in our beliefs:

We believe in independence, freedom of thought and choice, and personal responsibility for our actions.
We demand rational, pragmatic, workable solutions to economic and social issues.
We reject closed, private elections and voter intimidation.
We demand that we continue direct election of US Senators.
We reject unwanted government intrusion into medical decisions.
We recognize the need for a modern federal banking system, and reject a return to the gold standard as inconsistent with a 21st century economy.
We reject the position that state governments have an arbitrary right to nullify federal laws, a position that was settled nearly 150 years ago through bloody conflict.
We believe that communities benefit from protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
We demand that the redistricting process remain in the hands of citizens.
We oppose unproven educational experimentation on Idaho students and schools.
We oppose impairment of the Rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, including free speech, right of peaceable assembly and Second Amendment rights. We do not believe in a radical and extreme interpretation that imperils public safety, law enforcement or military personnel.
We believe that Idahoans have the right to information regarding any ethics concerns in their government.

The Democratic Platform is the statement of the party’s beliefs and goals supported by public hearings and by debate and approval of Delegates at the 2012 State Convention. It is a pledge to respect our achievements. It identifies the future action and legislation necessary to make our state competitive, provide equal opportunity for our citizens and return to an aggressive pursuit of the common welfare.

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