Labrador Shuts Down Business

The last time U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador helped shutdown government, he just shutdown business: United States’ businesses lost $23 billion because of the 2013 shutdown.

Politico reports that Labrador is forcing another shutdown by threatening House Speaker John Boehner:

“… Every piece of legislation that Republican leaders put on the floor, or even think about putting up for a vote, is viewed through the prism of whether it will trigger an effort by conservative hard-liners to replace Boehner. The Ohio Republican’s allies and leadership aides believe there could be a showdown on whether Boehner can remain as speaker in the next few weeks.

“My position has been this month will be telling with what’s going to happen,” said Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho), among the most vocal members of the House Freedom Caucus, a hotbed of anti-Boehner opposition. “If we’re going to do business as usual, it is going to be very difficult for me to continue with the same leadership that we have now.”

For businesses, “business as usual” is part of a stable business plan. When Labrador shutdown the government in 2013, Idaho small business, such as loggers and outfitters, paid the price. Businesses that rely on National Parks like Yellowstone were also threatened.

Another aspect is the price of having one of our two congressmen marginalized. If Labrador ever had a bill that served his constituents, would the Speaker have any political interest in seeing it succeed? It may not be pretty, but that how politics works.

And while we’re on the topic, politics is often referred to as “the art of the possible.”

Well, it’s unlikely that Labrador and his merry band of monkey-wrenchers will succeed in booting Boehner. So what is Mr. Labrador’s “art” making “possible”?

Not anything that helps Idaho people or Idaho businesses. Nothing that helps our nation.

Best guess: Labrador sees possibilities to advance his own interests.

While that’s pretty much what a politician does, usually there’s a correlation between a politician’s self-interest and the interests of his or her constituents. Here there’s nothing. We are all being sacrificed for some secret agenda that only seems to help one person: Raul Labrador.

We are working to replace Raul Labrador and could use your support in that effort. Please consider a contribution to the Idaho Democratic Party.

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