U.S. Rep. Labrador Cuts Everyone’s Salary But His Own

U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador makes a big show of wanting to cut everything and everyone. He likes to talk about how much corruption and waste there is in government. Well … he makes a bunch of money and he makes sure he makes just that much more by putting his wife on the campaign payroll. On top of that, our Congressman makes sure that he has a direct financial stake in the contributions that his campaign raises by putting that money directly into his family’s checking account.

Let’s cut this guy’s salary …. to zero.

Lewiston Tribune

JEERS … to Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho. When the freshman put his wife, Becca, on the campaign account two years ago, it looked like a rookie mistake.

But in examining Labrador’s latest campaign finance report, the Idaho Statesman’s Dan Popkey noticed nothing has changed.

Labrador, who pulls down $174,000 as a member of Congress, paid his wife $6,045 for the last three months to handle the campaign’s books. In addition, the campaign covered $4,224 in federal income and payroll taxes as well as another $1,188 in state taxes. Were those taxes paid on behalf of Becca Labrador? In an email, Labrador’s deputy chief of staff, Mike Cunnington, stated: “As we have said before, Becca receives a monthly salary of $2,500 and the campaign pays all taxes that are required.”

No member of Congress or the Senate can put his spouse on the official payroll. Hiring a spouse for the campaign account, while legal, is frowned upon.

The reason is obvious: It circumvents laws that block a member from spending campaign cash on himself. Every year, roughly $24,000 of those special-interest dollars find their way into the Labrador family budget.

Mired in a wave of ethics scandals, the House in 2007 voted to end this practice, but the reform measure died in the Senate. How many members still engage in this activity is unclear. But even one is one too many.

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