Locals: Keep ICE Out of Jerome County

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are eyeing the Jerome County Jail as a potential spot to hold their arrests. Since January, officials have been evaluating the proposal and have received huge amounts of pushback from the local community. Hundreds of residents have made public comments, sent emails and letters to the Jerome County Officials in opposition to the idea.

Civil rights and dairy industry groups have spoken out against the idea. The Idaho Dairymen’s Association sent a letter to the Jerome County Commissioners pleading with them to vote against any proposal. Local businesses like Glanbia and Chobani have spoken against the deal as well.

“In a letter opposing the contract, Idaho Dairymen’s Association head Bob Naerebout pointed to steep increases this year in the number of people being arrested for immigration violations who don’t have a criminal record. The increased fear of deportation, he said, could lead to people not showing up for work or leaving the area, saying that is what happened in states such as Arizona and Alabama when they passed strict immigration laws.” – Magic Valley Times-News

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