Just the facts ma’am…ethics reform needed

Idaho Democrats believe that we have a shared responsibility to ensure our public officials serve the people of Idaho and work for the common good, not special interests and the well-connected. The people of Idaho expect a level playing field where their lawmakers play by the rules. During the last week we have heard the Idaho Democratic Legislative Caucus pledging to do everything they can to restore public confidence and faith to those in public office.

For the first time in many years it appears that the GOP might be willing to work towards meaningful ethics reform. Shelley Landry, Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party said, “We’re thrilled that GOP leadership has decided to join our Idaho Democratic legislators and make this a bi-partisan issue.”

Ms. Landry went on to say, “Simply review the past year’s worth of headlines, there should be nothing divisive about us pointing out the facts. If the GOP doesn’t want to be criticized for unethical behavior, then the GOP should help Idaho Democrats do something about it, not threaten to withhold their support.”

“Idaho Democratic Legislators have sought for over a decade to face and solve the myriad problems that afflict Idaho under GOP control. We (and the public) will be watching closely over the next few weeks to see whether the Republicans are really interested in addressing the culture that they have created in state government or putting up window dressing to deflect public attention away from the unethical and illegal behavior that seems to plague their party.” said Landry.


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